Street that divides English and Welsh World Cup fans as border runs right down middle

A street that divides a village along the Wales-England border is set for a World Cup clash tonight as the nation’s face-off in their last group match.

The crunch tie will have fans from both countries – and both sides of Llanymynech’s village – watching at 7pm this evening as the game kicks off in Qatar.

On one side of the main road is The Cross Keys, proudly dIsplaying flags and bunting supporting England, and on the other The Dolphin is emphatically behind the Welsh side.

“The glass is officially the borderline – if you’re on the path you’re in Wales, if you’re in here you’re in Shropshire,” Jason Farr, 41, owner of The Cross Keys told The Telegraph.

Sarah Gregory, whose sister and brother-in-law run The Dolphin, said people mainly stick to their side of the street, but there is “friendly banter” between the sides and the countries.

The 51-year-old said people “run out, shout and come back.

“And then if [England] score they come and give some abuse and run back. Friendly abuse.

“We have a good banter.”

Villager and England-born Jean Williams and Welsh husband Kevin, who married 20 years tomorrow, will watch tonight’s match separately.

Jean, 65, said: “I’m hoping for a Three Lions victory. I reckon we’ll beat The Dragons 3-O.

“I’ll be over the moon.”

But Keith, an electrical engineer, added: “I think my wife’s got that wrong.”

Earlier today an overseas journalist asked Gareth Southgate to explain to an outsider what it means when England play Wales on Tuesday night.

“Well, they are one country and we are another and there’s a border between…” was effectively the answer from the England manager before he went on to say he lives in Yorkshire and they tend to think they’re in a different country, too.

Earlier in the day, Southgate had also insisted there was every bit as much passion in his players in the dressing room and when they sang the national anthem.